Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Regent, Film, and the Iraq War

Well,  the first semester is complete!!!  Whew, who would have thought I would have survived this first semester.  As a student in the Communication and Arts program (with an emphasis in Cinema and Television) who would have thought I would have made it.  The program can be very grueling at times!! 

Since the Iraq War began and I happened to become a MoM (three times over since then) and that became my most important duty.While the other half of our family had IA's, deployments, workups, and much more I became the foundation.  The foundation should be steady, solid, and secure, RIGHT?  Well I can tell you sometimes the foundation was not as steady, solid but soft at times, and secure but insecure with all of the thoughts, fears, and anticipation one feels when one has to face all that these situations that get placed upon the individuals and the families.

So this is the 1st semester I have made it through since the IRAQ WAR.  Since the war I either had to withdrawl from college or forgo it as my PLATE became ever full.  So, who knows who is reading this because I don't have any subscribers and I write it mainly for myself......The blog gives me a voice as a mother, military spouse, student, and a christian.

In closing, all I really wanted to say is THANK YOU Regent for the support, guidance, and love that I have felt as I have finally received some PEACE since this journey from the war and back and to the film school began.......I MADE IT THROUGH the semester! YIPPEE!!!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Equipment Class 101 & Video

Well it has been two weeks since my last post.  I think that is how I will "roll" with my blogging. In the near future, I will get to once a week.  So let's talk film equipment.  If you are reading this, I know you are thinking---"Why" do I want to read some blog on "Film Equipment?"  Well, well---Let me just tell you if you have tuned in.

We never went over how "the stunt" was performed on my chair but we will save that one for another blog!!!  Because, I promise you there had to have been someone who knew how to build an amazing prop.  I bet you are wondering, did I leave the class as a bonified Film Director, Film Producer, Grip Person, Lighting Expert, Camera Expert, and oh the FILM list goes on....?????.....

Well the answer is---- I know you are waiting-----NOT YET.  Answer IS:  I did leave with more than I came in to the class with.  So there it is wrapped up in that one line.  I believe THE JOURNEY is just beginning into a Film World that I can only imagine.  So until next time---keep reading!!!

Hope this enlightens you as well!  I am really proud of this farmer to stand up to the entertainment industry!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Film Class Folly

Well I am at Regent University as some of you know.  I am studying Film and Television but this weekend I became a "Stunt Woman."  Imagine this--You are setting in class going about your business.  The instructor is leading the class and the students are listening to all that the Instructor has to say!!!  Because we all want to be great Film Directors, Producers, Editors and Camera Operators.  When in a flash the instructor and students see the chair explode----For real it exploded. 

I thought someone who ever that might be maybe rigged my chair......Because NO JOKE----

The chair I was sitting in just blew out from right underneath me?  I know you are laughing as you are reading this because it was a sight to be seen.  I knew something was wrong when I picked that darn chair.  It felt kinda wobbly and not very stable.  As if it had been lovingly set in way too many times!!  I promise you the bolts literally popped out!!

 I guess I will never know why that chair exploded.  Where was the YOU TUBE opportunity on that one.  We should have had cameras rolling because it would have been VIRA.... Until next time---so I guess the right lingo would be CUT.......Hopefully you love this video!!!  Cause I love it as it is so funny!!

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

SO Film School is in full effect.  I must share that the Theoret's have weathered through a earthquake and a hurricane.  Sounds like a plot in a movie...I feel the wheels a "turnin" up there.  Should we have evacuted??? Oh that is right we did! Well until next time--- I hope that the Movie Making Mojo that I am aspiring to gain from Regent Film School will kick in soon!!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Memphis Memories

Our tri[p to Memphis, TN is always filled with many memories. I think it is the barbcue that always feels me with a great sense of being home.  As a MILITARY SPOUSE, who was born and raised in the south, I can't but help to miss the things that speaks to ones soul.  Of course BASEBALL speaks volumes to me as well. 

The kids and I got to enjoy a wonderful game at the Autozone Baseball Park played by no other than the MEMPHIS Redbirds!!  Boy oh Boy---so it is not the Major Leagues its the Minor Leagues.  The kids loved it! The Memphis Redbirds lit up the night with Fireworks and for the kids that sealed the deal!!  Everytime we come back we will be supporting the Memphis Redbirds!!

So our visit is coming to an end but our memories of Memphis----Elvis Presley's Mansion tour, The Chucalissa Museum, The Memphis Zoo, Shelby Farms, The Cinema,  Mirimichi Golf, and our drive down Riverside drive will be etched into our being.  We missed Beale Street----but what can you do there with kids anyway?